Brand videos are meant to introduce your company to your audience. They should be able to "feel" like they know you after watching it.


Product videos are 4X more likely to be watched over text or pictures alone. They allow you to communicate the benefits and uses of your product in a compelling way.


High quality commercials are the ideal way to promote your brand, product or service to a large audience. These videos are usually backed by ad spend on TV with a goal of increasing brand awareness.

Retra Fitness

Brand new gym opened recently and asked me to shoot a promo for them. I can say they amazing people to work with.

Razor Ali

Alireza AKA Razor is a professional lightweight boxer. As he was getting ready for he's upper coming fight he asked me to make a dramatic promo for he's audience to attract with him.


So working with Polaroid should make anyone or any businessman that it doesn't matter how big or small is your company you still need to advertise and engage with new clients. 

Model: Esse

Had the chance to work with Esse. She had a branded clothes from BooHoo and PrettyLittleThings and House Of CB to make a Ad for their social media.

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